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Fluffiest Twistout Ever!

So it was a Thursday night and I decided I wanted to do my hair. I had been wearing medium-sized twists all week, and honey, they looked TIRED. Frizzy, dry, and they started unraveling at the ends! Not a good look at all.

I took down the dreadful twists,  grabbed my little spray bottle filled with water, my tub of Shea Moisture’s Curl-Enhancing Smoothie, and went to work. Every natural has the Curl-Enhancing Smoothie product in her arsenal, as it’s 10 bucks, can be purchased at Target stores nationwide, and is chockful of yummy, organic ingredients. Personally, I used this product while I was still transitioning from relaxed to natural, and it hasn’t failed me since. 

It’s a pretty good moisturizer in my opinion, but it is most impressive when used to re-twist hair that’s been in a style already. I did about ten plump twists total, and took them down the next morning before running a few errands and heading to work. When I tell you I got the best results….Shea Moisture saves the day once again.

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